The decline of magic, it is said, was caused by the rise of religion.  The decline of religion, it is said, was caused by the rise of science.  And the decline of science?  Will that be caused by the rise of a further thought system?

When I was out walking a while ago I picked up part of a bird skeleton and took it home to photograph.  One piece was a spine which I steeped in a weak solution of bleach to clean it up.  The bleach dissolved the ligaments and the backbone fell apart and that is when these shapes jumped out at me.  They are tiny things (you can get about three on your little fingernail) but they have spent much of their lives keeping a complex biological mechanism several hundred feet up in the air.  They are the practical result of millions of years of evolution.  Each fits into the next like a 3D jigsaw puzzle and what seems to be the mouth is the channel through which the spinal cord passed.  Yet here, taken out of their line of duty, they seem to be something else entirely - we are looking at tiny pieces of bone but we are seeing faces. There are no faces there but we can see them all the same.

Sic itur ad astra?  Is it thus we reach the stars?