The series from which these images are drawn is about buildings and people.  How can you separate the two, after all?

Once, when buildings were made of brick, stone, slate and tile – materials which have texture and which weather and age - their interiors were private.  You didn’t know what was behind the entrance until you were inside.  And once you were inside, there were often more doors, corridors, Private and No Entry signs, smoky rooms and frosted windows.  Being inside a building was a kind of other world defined by its smell, touch, sight and sounds.

 Now metal and glass strip you bare.  The open plan offices, the reflective facades, the concourses and the open spaces - every minute of every day we are watching each other through windows, mirrors, reflective surfaces, plate glass, walkways and screens. 

I think of the panopticon - a circular honeycombed prison design in which the prisoners could be watched day and night without a break.  The authorities hoped to make them docile through the psychological exhaustion caused by ceaseless surveillance. 

It seems that now we are all guards and we are all prisoners.