This series of photographs shows people working with their hands.  I wanted to make it for two reasons.  The first is that I myself get great satisfaction from making and repairing things and I wanted to pursue that photographically.  The second is the idea that after industrialisation western society tended to see manual work as having less value than brain work and so, in both education and working practice, isolated doing from thinking.  As a result organised manual work became repetitive and unrewarding.  In our digital era the development of artificial intelligence, robots and the virtual world appear to signal not only a further downgrading of manual skills but their complete disappearance.   This ongoing series is intended therefore to portray and record manual skill – both amateur and professional - and the satisfaction that it brings.  The coordination of hand and eye suggests a connection between inner and outer worlds, between body and mind, and between thinking and doing.   There is a dignity to that which I think should be celebrated.