BASED: Manchester, UK.

WRITING: There are many photographers but comparatively few writers about photography.  I find the two go hand in hand: each informs the other.  Like many writers before me I have to write down my thoughts to find out just what they are.  Then the teasing out of the prose makes them clearer and clearer until I am happy that I have said what I wanted to.  I have an MA in the history of photography but I soon found that it wasn't particularly the history that interested me.  I'm still pretty hazy about most of the processes and many of the photographers.  Nor was it the artistic side that drew me.  I am neither historian nor aesthete.  It was the uses of photography that I found fascinating.  They are endless.  The use of even a single photograph will almost certainly change over its lifetime.   Politics becomes history, portrait becomes memory and snapshot becomes ethnography.  Unpicking this process is so revealing.  Although my blog slaloms round numerous subjects and ideas, that is what is at the heart of it.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  "My drawings have been described as pre-intentionalist, meaning that they were finished before the ideas for them had occurred to me" (James Thurber).

 I often feel the same about my photography.  I do have some long-term projects.   On this website, Working Hands and The Half-Dropped Eyelid are two examples of a particular idea that I have pursued over time.  Generally, these themes or projects are about our inner world and how it is shaped by what's around us and how it is expressed in the way we act and look .  On the other hand, I often  let the camera lead and see what emerges.   I wouldn't be the first to say that the world looks and feels quite different when I have a camera in my hand.    Then seemingly random photos that I take today may form part of a pattern that I will detect only tomorrow.  

Apart from that, my main aim in taking photographs is to delight the eye and intrigue the mind of others. If this also brings about a change in the way the viewer sees the world or acts in it then that's of some value.  Even the 'here today gone tomorrow' nature of the modern digital image may provide a moment of uplift and interest to the passer-by. Then boof - they're gone.  So just look at the photos and enjoy them for what they are - that's fine.   If they sit around in your head a little longer though then that is even better.   

PERSONAL:  My career is behind me now (hooray!)  I did various things to bring the money in - mostly in law and diplomacy but also fun things like teaching yoga and working for charities.  I don't think I could ever have been a professional photographer, I just wouldn't have been temperamentally suited to it.

COPYRIGHT:   All work on this site, both photographic and written, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License.   This is not a Free Culture Licence!  ( though I might get there one day......)

COMMISSIONS:  I am always happy to do a little pro bono work for small charities.

I hope you enjoy the photos and writing on this website.  You are always welcome to send me an email.